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I Want You Inside Me

Length: 5 minutes

Get over here…I want you inside me!

In this sensual sex video, I beg for you fuck me! I love how your hard cock feels against my smooth pussy, teasing my sensitive clit. My pussy gets nice and wet for you to slip right into, so you fuck me, watching my boobs bounce above my tightly-laced underbust corset. Right before you cum, I get on my knees in front of you and finish you with my hands and mouth, making you shoot your load all over my face and boobs!


Cucked On Your Honeymoon! | Cuckolding Sex JOI with CEI

Hey Hubby! 

I know it’s our honeymoon, and we have yet to consummate our marriage…but every time I think about having sex with you, I just feel icky inside! I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, but I don’t want to fuck you! I need a big strong real man to fuck me as a woman should be fucked! Serves me right for choosing a nice guy to marry! So I’m going to get fucked by whatever men I so choose, and you can watch, but you can only touch yourself! This is our sex life now so get used to it – I’m going to tell you exactly how to stroke for me as he pounds me and you can’t cum until he does! Then, you can clean up the mess – but not just your cum, his too! Taste how delicious a real man’s cum tastes!

In this cuckolding sex JOI I roleplay as your newlywed bride, forever in love with you, but not in lust! You’re just too sweet and soft, and I need a real rough and tough man to fuck me right! So as I get fucked from behind I instruct you to stroke along (between moans!), finishing him off into my mouth and in the end I give you cum eating instructions! I’ve been getting a lot of requests for more cuckolding since I posted Cucked On Your Birthday, and recently I’ve received a few requests for cum eating instruction videos so I decided to put them together! What do you think? Should I do more?

Length:  9 minutes


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Colour Me Saffron! Explicit Adult Colouring Book Series!

Hey Satyrs!

Adult colouring books are all the rage right now, and they’re an awesome way to wind down after a long day! However, there aren’t any that I’ve found that are also explicit and sexually exciting – so I made one myself!


Inside you’ll find 20+ very explicit pages of me, dressed up as a naughty schoolgirl, telling you how much I want your cum! Each image has nice bold outlines, and the paperback offers lots of white space around the margins- allowing you to add in some naughty doodles of your own! The paperback is also printed one-sided, so you can cut out pages to hang, or just cum on!

This book was deemed TOO EXPLICIT for Amazon and was BANNED! So you can buy one through me by email! They’re available in Paperback and PDF! 



I love photoshop and the aesthetic of old comics, so I had a lot of fun creating this colouring book! This is just the first of the series, I plan to create many more- at least a couple a year! Let me know what themes you’d like to see me illustrate!

The paperback is for anyone who wants a physical, collectible copy to colour, cum on and covet! The PDF version is for anyone who has a device that can run a drawing app (I love YouDoodle on Itunes and Google Play Store -It’s free!), and wants to enjoy the book discreetly and doesn’t mind cleaning up a little cum from their device!

No matter which version you buy, there is a BONUS CONTEST at the end of the book! Anyone who has a copy is eligible to enter! Contest ends in October- so get your copy now! 

Message me now to get one! or 

The paperback features a beautiful glossy cover, and high quality, white matte pages – ideal for colouring! The paperback is $29.99 including North American shipping, international shipping is just $10 extra! I’ll ship it discreetly, sign it, and include a special thank you letter! 

The PDF is delivered wirelessly after I receive payment and works on all devices, including PCs, tablets and phones! You can even save individual pages as your desktop! If you have trouble with PDFs, let me know and I’ll send a different filetype!

A digital copy is only $4.99! 

I accept credit cards and Bitcoin for payment!

Order your copy today! 




Fan Poll: What outfits do you prefer?

Hey everyone!

I really enjoyed reading everyone’s answers for the “Where do you like to see cum on me?” poll (and I really loved that most of you love seeing cum on my face!), so I thought I’d get your opinions on what I wear in videos!

So which of these do you prefer?


As seen in Huge Hitachi Orgasm (above), Age Regression Succubus, Stripping and Sucking to the Beat, most episodes of Intimate Moments and many more!

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Fan Signs + Lottery Winner Announcement!

Hey everyone!

As part of our 10 Million Pornhub views promotion we offered free fan signs for anyone who asked, and said that one lucky winner would receive either a free video or a free month membership if they were already members.

So we made a bunch of fan signs and picked one out at random and the winner is…

“Chance_iz_squad” from Reddit! 


Congrats! I hope you enjoy your prize!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated! Here are your fan signs! (Sorry for the bright coloured crayons!)

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All I Want For Xmas is Huge Boobs!



All I Want For Xmas is Huge Boobs! A Tale of Breast Expansion for Xmas is a story about a wife who goes looking for the perfect Christmas present for her husband. After recently discovering his love for enormous breasts, she decides to go in search of a way to increase her own average bust.

Find out what happens when she finds some pills that redistribute fat from her food to her breasts in this 1600 word erotic short featuring stuffing, breasts expanding to impossible sizes, and a huge thick white Christmas present!



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The Breast Xmas Party Ever! Erotic Short Story


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Lie To Me



Innocent Alexa had never lied in her life. From an early age, her mother had reinforced the idea that lying was just about the worst thing you could do; a capital sin. Every time she began to tell even the slightest mistruth, she could feel her body tingle with what she assumed was overwhelming guilt. The feeling would start in her breasts, and quickly migrate down to her princess parts, which her mother also told her was a sin. So, she avoided lying at all costs in order to avoid these sinful sensations.

After a stellar university career, Alexa got her first job at a prestigious law firm, as she saw law as the ultimate pursuit of truth. But the job turned out to be harder than she expected, and her innocence was tested as her job required her to bend the truth just a little more than she was used to, resulting in surprising consequences!


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Pussy Replica!

Hey Satyrs!

Do you want to feel my pussy on your cock? Lucky for you, now you can!

I got a replica made of my pussy!


It’s modeled after my actual vagina, and I think they did a great job! Now you can imagine you’re really in my sex videos with me!

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After posting videos like Close-Up: Shaved Pussy Creampie, Shaved Pussy Creampie Show! Sexy Satyrday – June 3rd 2017, and I Want You Inside Me, among others, I got tons of messages from Satyrs saying they wish they could fuck my smooth tight pussy, just like Dennis! So I thought it would awesome to make a pussy replica because I want as many Satyrs as possible can get that experience! If my blowjobs are more your thing though, this Fleshlight might be a better choice!

We’ve ordered one for ourselves and as soon as it arrives we plan on making videos with it to show you how it looks in action!

Click here to buy one now!

We get 60% of your purchase of my pussy replicas, so we really appreciate your purchase! Your purchase helps us continue partnering with awesome sex toy brands so we can bring you the best sex toy experiences!

The pussy replica is fully functional on its own even without a case! PLUS- it bills and ships discreetly so you don’t have to worry about nosy neighbors -or anyone reading your credit card bill- finding out about your purchase!

Take my videos to the next level – get my pussy replica now! 



We try ALL the Sex Toys! | Sexy Satyrday Show #003!

Hey Satyrs!

Happy Sexy Satyrday! This recorded live show was filmed before Valentine’s Day, so I wanted to give you guys a sex toy demonstration to give you inspiration for what to get your special someone (or yourself) for Valentine’s Day! Dennis uses a warming vibrator, the Hitachi Magic Wand, and the Womanizer on me and I have a HUGE screaming orgasm! Then it’s his turn! I use both the Fleshlight and my Pussy Replica on him, but ultimately he wanted the real thing, so I slide onto and bounce on his cock! Then he takes me from behind, pounding me as you get both a POV view, then a view of my bouncing boobs! Finally he cums all over my pussy! But he’s not done yet! He just slips his cock back inside and fucks me until he’s ready to cum again, stroking a second huge load all over me!

If you’ve never watched before, Sexy Satyrday is our monthly live cam show where I chat with you guys, our Satyrs! Stay tuned to my Twitter (@SexyMissSaffron)Reddit (, or Pornhub or just the front page of to find out where and when the show will happen each month! Click here to watch all past Sexy Satyrday episodes! 

Length:  1 hour 30 minutes


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Anal Play JOI with CEI

Hey Satyrs!

On my subreddit I asked you what you’d like to see more of, and I got so many great responses! Something a few of you asked for was a JOI with anal play and cum eating instruction and today I’m here to deliver exactly that! I made sure to go nice and slow in this Jerk Off Instruction video, I want you to be nice and warmed up before you slip a finger, or two, or a buttplug up your ass! I tell you exactly how I want you to stroke for me, when you should start playing with your asshole, when to stick your finger just a little inside…nice and lubed up of course! If this is your first time trying anal play, don’t worry, I’ll be gentle! I also coax you into tasting your precum as you stroke, telling you how much I love the taste and I know you will too! In the end I make you cum all over yourself, so that you have a whole load of cum to lick up! If you have a buttplug, get it ready and grab a whole lotta lube, we’re going to have some messy fun!

Length:  17 minutes


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